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Sep 24

Without Communications, Did It Really Happen? Why Telling the Sustainability Story Is Crucial

This month's TED speaker joins us all the way from Sydney, Australia. Register today!

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Oct 8

ESIG: Reboot Your Business with Back-to-Basics Tips

Phil Morabito, founder and CEO of Pierpont Communications, Houston's largest full-service PR firm, will return to his solo entrepreneur roots to help us navigate through this turbulence.

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Gone Phishing: Hackers aren’t taking a break -- and neither should you

May 28, 2020
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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Zoom Webinar and Facebook Live

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Note: Watch the webinar on Zoom or Facebook Live.

The personal information of millions of Americans were exposed due to data breaches in 2019, and Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) reported over 40,000 nation-state hacking attacks in the last year alone. In recent weeks U.S. government agencies and medical institutions leading the COVID-19 pandemic response experienced cyberattack spikes.

Clearly businesses and public institutions are in the crosshairs of opportunistic and professional hackers. What can you as your organization’s professional communicator do to help protect your organization?

Join IABC Houston and its panel of experts on Thursday, May 28, to get first-hand insights from experts tasked with protecting our nation’s critical assets.

Learn how agencies like the FBI work with partners to gather intelligence on threats, and how industry sectors coordinate responses to address cyber vulnerabilities and the campaigns that target them.

About the Speakers

Angela Haun

Angela Haun, based on both her FBI background and her role as Executive Director of Oil and Natural Gas Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ONG-ISAC) for the last couple of years, is well positioned to then describe the two-way communication that her organization (as a private sector collaborative) pursues to address the cybersecurity campaigns targeting the industry, particularly during this pandemic. Both can also speak to how these processes work in other key Houston region sectors like healthcare, transport etc. Angela herself is highly acclaimed in cybersecurity and law enforcement circles (the top cybersecurity honor in the Houston Region is named after her: the Angela Haun Award).

Brad Culp

Brad Culp is the FBI’s top intelligence guru in the agency’s Houston Division (he’s a big deal in the FBI; geography of responsibility: Texas, handles domestic and international federal cases). He is prepared to explain at a high level how intelligence - not just cybersecurity but all intelligence - involving criminal, state-directed and other “bad actors” are communicated/shared within the agency, with the FBI’s law enforcement partners and other collaboratives (public and private sector partners).


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