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Professional certifications give you the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise, and provide evidence of your outstanding abilities. They engage you in a process of life-long learning that elevates your career and provides a structure for keeping your skills fresh and applicable.

A new certification program was recently launched by IABC International. This certification program follows the Global Standard of six essential guiding principles for the communication profession developed by IABC.

The first certification developed by the Global Communication Certification Council (GCCC) is the Communication Management Professional, aimed at the generalist/specialist level, a mid-level stage in the communication professional’s development. The Communication Management Professional certification is now available, with other levels to follow.

For more information or to enroll in these programs, click here.

Houston Chapter Accredited Business Communicators

Carol Bosley, ABC
Jennifer Brandino, ABC
Alice Brink, ABC, APR
April Canik, ABC
Debi Derrick, ABC
Mickey Driver, ABC
Janelle Ewing, ABC
Helen Fischer, ABC
Fred Halperin, ABC
Bonnie Hargett, ABC
Gary Hernandez, ABC
Sondra Johnson, ABC
Karin Knapp, ABC
K Smith Leonard, ABC
Becky Lowicki, ABC
Downs Matthews, ABC
David McKinney, ABC, APR
Susie McMichael, ABC
Beth Miller, ABC
Merrisa Milliner, ABC
Anne Mrok-Smith, ABC
Pete Poulsen, ABC
Anne Ribble, ABC
Pat Schroeder, ABC
Mark Schumann, ABC
Janice Singleton, ABC
Les Van Dyke, ABC
Ben Wheatley, ABC, APR