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When Disaster Strikes: Planning for the Unexpected

When a crisis hits, your company’s reputation is at stake. You must act fast and let people know what is happening. Crisis planning and strategic response are vital components of risk management and business continuity strategies. Yet, communications is often overlooked in crisis planning. Remaining silent during a crisis impacting your company – in an age of 24x7, instant news and social media coverage – is guaranteed for public relations doom. 

Bill Salvin, Founder and President of Signal Bridge, joins IABC Houston for our November luncheon to recount his lessons learned and to share nuances of communicating in a crisis, bringing his vast PR insight from his service in the U.S. Navy Reserves to training thousands of people across a broad range of industries including energy, defense, aviation, aerospace, and academia. 

Following the luncheon, a three-hour workshop will be held that focuses on in-depth media training and crisis response training. The comprehensive training experience covers all aspects of the communications environment from media interviews to social media conversations, and public meetings to presentations.

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The Comms Journey From the White House to Hollywood

Every communications journey has its own story. For some, it’s internal comms. For others, it’s digital media. For John Phillippe, it’s a path from the Clinton White House to Hollywood — and ultimately owning his own business ventures.

John, who currently resides in Houston, Texas, joins The Business Communicators to share his story of how an entrepreneurial mindset, a few breaks along the way, and the power of networking have powered his career.

Click here to listen to Episode 19 of the podcast.

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