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Feb 13

ESIG: Navigating #MeToo for successful interactions

The #MeToo movement presents new challenges for communicators

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Feb 27

Behind The Scenes: MD Anderson’s Nobel Prize Campaign

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Jun 11

SAVE THE DATE: 2020 Bronze Quill Awards

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IABC Members Shoot for the Stars at NASA’s JSC

Photo Credit: Content Co-Op

Members of the IABC Houston chapter were treated to an exclusive look at how NASA’s Johnson Space Center (JSC) navigates both internal and external communications.

The members-only tour featured presentations from the public relations staff as well as a behind-the-scenes tour of the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility, the original 1969 Mission Control and the Neutral Buoyancy Lab, where scientists and astronauts train on to-scale replicas of space equipment. Of all the out-of-this-world communications insights the team at JSC shared with the group, there were three mission critical takeaways. 

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A Dream Realized: Progressing Your Passion Into a Successful & Fulfilling Career

Passion and purpose – these are essentially what drive us in life, regardless of our pursuits, talents, field of work or career paths. But how do we realize our professional goals and dreams to enjoy the results of our hard work – and ultimately, the reward of a personally fulfilling career? What if we’re starting from the beginning, faced with challenging odds, or taking a risk in a new environment? There’s no ‘one size fits all’ path to success, but we can strategically plan to make the journey more effective as we progress.

Jennifer Cannon, Global Marketing Manager at Gyrodata, joins The Business Communicators to provide insight on how to successfully build a communications career and navigate the unknowns of an unfamiliar industry. Sharing her experiences in the engineering and oil and gas fields, Jennifer enlightens listeners with practical advice on transitioning from a novice to a well-equipped brand ambassador in a new organization – especially in a technical industry.


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