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Past Presidents

In 1946, a group of founding members chartered the Gulf Coast Chapter of the Society of Associated Industrial Editors (SAIE) which later became the Southeast Texas Industrial Editors (STIE) before it merged with and became an IABC chapter in 1970.

Since that time, presidents of the chapter have reflected the changes in the communications industry. Early leaders were almost exclusively from the energy industry and its supporting services companies. And, for the first 24 years, they were all men. Over the last 20 years, the industry mix has expanded to include a variety of industries, agencies and entrepreneurs. Our roles have evolved well beyond the industrial editor. And, clearly, there are a lot more women in leadership roles now.

The following list contains the names of some communicators who have become legends in our field. We salute these past presidents of IABC Houston for their contribution to our chapter and the profession. 

Year President Employer at the Time
2019 Austin Staton bp
2018 Andrew Van Chau Quo Vadis Strategies
2017 John Harris Greater Houston Partnership
2016 Jordan Temple bp
2015 Thomas Baen Academy Sports and Outdoors
2014 Suzy Hartgrove City of Houston Planning and Development
2013 Mark Hiebert Hiebert Photography
2012 Mary Hardin Francis Hardin-Francis Enterprises, LLC
2011 Elaine W Krause Communications Outsourcing
2010 Nancy Trowbridge The Menninger Clinic
2009 Joi Lecznar BG Group
2008 Theresa Parker Torma Communications
2007 Susan Burnell APR Imagination Ink
2006 Pam McConathy Pierpont Communications
2005 Ginger Bertrand Bertrand Communications, Inc.
2004 Joe Fournet Ideas & More
2003 Ann Allen Ann Allen, Inc.
2001/02 Becky Lowicki ABC Halliburton
1999/00 April Canik ABC Canik Communications
1998 Beth S. Miller ABC Comsys
1997 Patricia Schroeder ABC Schroeder Business Communications
1996 Suzanne Salvo Salvo Photography
1995 Dana Durman American Ref-Fuel Company
1994 Lin L. Fish Linden Communications
1993 Kathleen Abel ABC/APR Shell Oil Company
1992 Jim Rutledge* ABC/APR Brown, Nelson & Associates, Inc.
1992 Teresa Wong Museum and Arts Magazine
1991 Mark Singer Shell Oil Company
1990 Wendy Adair University of Houston
1989 Karin Knapp ABC Union Texas Petroleum
1988 Anne Feltus Anne Feltus Communications
1987 Elaine McCasland Enron Corp
1985/86 Alice Brink ABC/APR Coca-Cola Company
1984 Ethan Hirsh Churchill Group, Inc.
1983 Susan Allen ABC Seiscom Delta, Inc.
1982 Anne Ribble ABC IBM Corporation
1981 Ben Wheatley ABC/APR Conoco Chemicals
1980 John Ziegmann Baxter & Korge
1979 Ann Baird Bank of the Southwest
1978 Beverly Freeman Gulf Oil Corporation
1977 Mickey Driver ABC Gulf Oil Corporation
1976 Susan Hedding Rowan Companies, Inc.
1975 Bill Lawrence Texas Manufacturers Association
1974 Tom Torget Burmah Oil Company
1973 Steve Sawyer Tenneco, Inc
1972 Elizabeth Calderon* Bank of the Southwest
1971 Lee Corkill Humble Oil & Refining Company
1970 Sara Betterton Texas Gulf Sulfur Company
1969 Charles Riesen* Humble Oil & Refining Company
1968 Jerry Segal Mandrel Industries, Inc.
1967 Bill Hogan* Humble Oil & Refining Company
1966 Tom Sneed American General Contractors
1965 John Johnson Trunkline Gas Company
1964 Russ Burget Columbia Gulf Transmission Company
1963 Stan Hoig Baroid
1962 Bill Askin Texas Gulf Sulphur Company
1961 Bud Schaurte Continental Gas Company
1960 Frank Praytor Trunkline Gas Company
1959 J.B. LeRay Ethyl Corporation
1958 Charles Bryant* Baroid
1957 Al Smith Tennessee Gas Transmission Company
1956 Gene Legler* Humble Oil & Refining Company
1955 Jay Rose* Humble Oil & Refining Company
1954 Jack Raglin Continental Oil Company
1953 Downs Matthews* ABC Schlumberger Well Services
1952 Frank Fields* Humble Oil & Refining Company
1951 Bob Burke Foley’s
1950 Bob Latimer Humble Oil & Refining Company
1949 Guy Fausset* Shell Oil Company
1948 Jack Shannon* Humble Oil & Refining Company
1947 Bill House* Hughes Tool Company
1946 Michael Koury Champion Paper Company