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How to Post a Job Opening

Submit a Job Posting

Job postings must be submitted and paid for online, using Visa, Mastercard or American Express. To submit a listing, you are required to register in the IABC Houston database first. Your registration information will not be used for any marketing or promotional purposes; it is simply part of our listing process. Once registered, you can complete the listing form and payment process.

All positions are reviewed and activated by the Job Bank Administrator before posting live on the web site. This usually occurs within 24 hours after your listing is submitted.

Jobs can be posted at a rate of $90 for 30 days and can be renewed at an additional $25 for each 30-day extension. Listings automatically expire at the end of the 30-day period without notice unless renewed. (You can renew and pay online.)

Additionally, all new postings will be listed in the IABC Houston e-newsletter monthly.

An employer wishing to delete a listing before its expiration date can simply log on to the system and de-activate the posting. No portion of the posting fee will be refunded in the event of an early termination of the listing.


Criteria for Job Postings

Employers may post positions through IABC Houston's Job Bank under the following criteria:

The position must be in the field of marketing, communications or public relations.

The position must include the title, description of the position, qualifications for the position and contact information for the employer or person listing the position.

The listing employer must accept responsibility for screening applicants, resume requests or submissions, interviews, and other aspects involved in the hiring process. IABC Houston does not act as an intermediary in the screening or interviewing process.

Before submitting payment, please make sure the transaction form has the name and billing information for the credit card you are using, if different from the Hiring Contact or address shown in the job listing.

To submit a job, please click here.
(you must log in or create a site account to access)

Please note: Listings may take up to 24 hours for authorization and activation before appearing live on the web site.