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Bronze quill Awards Update: moving to a virtual Event

As you know, the annual Bronze Quill Awards Gala has been scheduled for Thursday, June 11, but because of ongoing concerns related to COVID-19, the IABC Houston board has made the decision to postpone the in-person gala and host a virtual webcast. Our hope is that we can host an in-person celebration in the fall.

Why is this happening?

The IABC Houston board’s top priority is to ensure the health and safety of our members and guests. With current guidance from public health officials, we don't believe a live event with 100-plus guests is in the best interest of our communications community. And, any social distancing or other protective measures would not be effective for the type of event we all want and deserve.

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Support the Comms Community during COVID-19

COVID-19 has rocked our community and many are unsure of the long-term implications to their careers. IABC Houston understands the value of coming together in these hard times and our hope is that we can make connections for those that are seeking employment and businesses that need support as we navigate COVID-19 together. Please note this is open to all Houston-based communications and marketing professionals at no cost. If you would like to submit your resume or a role in which you need immediate support, please contact Austin Staton. To learn more, click here.

Getting Vocal: #CommsChat with Chris Griesemer

On this episode of The Business Communicators, we welcome Chris Griesemer, principal at Voice for Any Choice, an accomplished voiceover actor and podcast host. With nearly 20 years in the business and hundreds of projects from commercials to video games under his belt – along with hosting his podcast on the side – Griesemer has established a successful career with his unique talent, powered by his passion for what he does. While some might assume it was an easily built profession for someone with a natural ‘ear’ for imitating voices from different cultures to celebrities, it was from humble beginnings and hard work that he was able to create his niche in the market of voiceover talent.

During this episode, Griesemer shares his story of overcoming teenage insecurities to discover his path to becoming a professional voice actor. Despite his young age and having no formal training or experience in the industry, Griesemer’s perseverance, passion and pursuit of opportunities led him to work for notable clients including international beverage companies, major retailers, travel and entertainment businesses and more. In his work, he brings the ‘voice’ of varying cities and countries to life through impressions, expanding his reach to international clients as he can easily communicate messages as a ‘local’ – all from his home office in central Texas. His story gives us an inside look at a unique facet of the communications field, and reminds us of best practices and key focus areas that resonate with our profession: quality and the creative process.

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