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AGT Champion Brandon Leake Discusses Poetry, Storytelling, and Social Justice in America

Thanksgiving week is here and The Business Communicators welcome America’s Got Talent champion Brandon Leake to the podcast. If you’re not familiar with Brandon, you should be. Not only is he a role model, he is one of the most talented young communicators in the U.S. He’s a gifted storyteller through the art of poetry and spoken word, the founder of Called to Move, and will be in Houston on Monday, Nov. 30, for an exclusive one-night only event at the Houston improv. 

Brandon joins the show to discuss his inspirations and why he got started in the art of spoken word and poetry, his motivations as a communicator to share personal and authentic stories, his role in positively impacting those from underrepresented communities, and tools of his trade that can help any communicator improve their skills.

Watch the full episode on YouTube.


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