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Apr 25

A President’s Story: Jim McGrath’s Years With George H.W. Bush

Jim McGrath shares his insights working with Texas' First Family

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May 2

Night Out for Austin Tice

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May 9

ESIG: Blog Your Brand, Pursue Your Passion

Navigating the Challenges of Building a Digital Presence

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May 23

IABC Networking Nine at BRIO Tuscan Grille

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The Business Communicators Podcast

IABC Houston has launched a podcast! The Business Communicators takes professionals on a journey that explores the key issues and trends that impact our industry. Focusing on professional development, each episode features a compelling conversation with c-suite executives, strategists, nationally-acclaimed journalists, and digital influencers. The show is hosted and produced by Austin StatonNew episodes of the podcast will be released on the first and third Wednesday of each month.

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes and leave us a five-star review. You can also listen to the show on Spotify, Google Play, and Simplecast. Questions or comments? Send us an email to podcast@iabchouston.com.


Episode 01: Axios’ Sara Fischer on the Weaponization of Social Media; Digital Media Trends

Technology has and always will be a reflection of human will and society, leveraged for both positive and negative outcomes. Can consumers and businesses remain confident in their use of digital media platforms, despite the efforts of bad actors? Axios Media Reporter and author of Axios Media Trends, Sara Fischer, joins The Business Communicators to unwrap the keys to success for today’s communicators in cultivating digital media.

Episode 02: Pierpont CEO Phil Morabito on the Convergence of Marketing + Communications

Over the last decade, the marketing and communications disciplines have seen a significant convergence. The days of perfecting a specific craft in a niche role of either focus within an organization are long gone, replaced by the demand for well-rounded and multi-faceted marketing communications professionals. Pierpont Communications’ Founder & CEO, Phil Morabito, joins The Business Communicators to explore this industry shift impacting our individual competitive edge – and more importantly, to address how to conduct a SWOT analysis to ‘up the ante’ on your personal brand.

Episode 03: Storytelling in a Digital World – The Art of Audio Tales

Why is the art of audio storytelling – essentially born with the introduction of Apple’s podcast platform in 2004 – just now on the rise? Milieu Media Group's Luke Brawner joins The Business Communicators in this insightful conversation on the importance of sharpening your edge on the art of audio storytelling and podcasting for your organization.

Episode 04: The PR and Digital Influencer Machine behind SXSW

Held annually in Austin, Texas, since 1987, South By Southwest (SXSW) brings together experts from the tech, film, and music industries, to help creative people achieve their goals. SXSW senior publicist Brett Cannon and Giant Noise Vice President Jennifer Sinski join The Business Communicators to break down the PR machine behind the festival, and how leveraging digital influencers has crafted power messaging to enhance the annual event on a global scale.

Episode 05: Taylor Bisciotti on the NFL Network’s shift to digital content; personal branding

Taylor Bisciotti is a reporter for the NFL Network — and the youngest female on-air personality ever hired by the network. She joins The Business Communicators to share her insight on breaking into a male-dominated industry, and the NFL’s shift to embracing digital content to enhance their reach with a new audience of fans.

Episode 06: The Evolution of the Media and the Rise of Fake News

How has communications evolved over the past 25 years? From print communications in the mid-90s to radio and television broadcasting – fast-forwarding to today’s self-publishing model via numerous social media and 24/7 news platforms available – communicators must adopt these new technologies to optimize business communications success. The Business Communicators welcomes public affairs veteran and Hill+Knowlton Strategies’ Managing Director, Joe Householder, to weigh in on this topic, the evolution of the media, the current political landscape, and the rise of fake news.

Episode 07Geoff Morrell’s Communications Journey from the Pentagon War Room to the BP Executive Suite

Former ABC News White House Correspondent and Pentagon spokesperson Geoff Morrell joins The Business Communicators to discuss his unique career path that landed him in London as the Group Head of Communications and External Affairs at BP, overseeing the strategic communications efforts for a company with operations in 70 countries. Morrell shares insights into crisis communications, rebuilding a corporate reputation, working with former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates under George W. Bush and Barack Obama, and why the ability to write is the most crucial tool for any communicator.

Episode 08Identifying Influencers to Elevate Organizational Success

Some say that being able to identify the influencers inside your organization is the 'ultimate strategy.' Why? Because it reduces friction and increases impact. But how do you accomplish this with a globally-dispersed employee base, challenging a communicator to reach teams in the face of diverse cultural nuances? The Fifth Business' Client Partnership Director and IABC Executive Board Member, Michael Nord, joins The Business Communicators to discuss this topic in depth.

Episode 09: Measurement is Not a Four-Letter Word for Marketing and Communications

Data measurement and analytics are tools that every communicator should have in their bag. But, how can we use these tools effectively to encourage buy-in from senior executives and key stakeholders? Marketing Data Scientist and IABC Houston board member, Thomas Baen, joins The Business Communicators to discuss how businesses can leverage key data insights to create a profit center that enhances their corporate narrative, campaigns, and brand awareness.